Saturday, March 14, 2009

My blog's nth life...

My blog,it seems, is like the proverbial cat.Only difference being that my blog has many more lives!
Till date it has had as many lives as the number of posts on it and if i were to consider how lazy I am,I am sure there are many more lives left for it to live!
Now,I had no intention whatsoever of reviving this blog.In fact, this blog was confined to the dustbin of my mind.But then one of my friends started a blog of her own and passed on an award that she had received to me.Now this award is called the fucking fabulous blog award.To be fair, my blog deserved a fucked up blog award.But nevertheless,now that I have received this little deserved award, I need to follow the given set of rules in order to complete the formalities of accepting the award.
The rules are as follows-
1. Put the image of the award on your blog.
2. List 10 truths about yourself.
3. Enlighten people with a meaningful quotation
4. Pass on the award to as many bloggers as you know who deserve the award.

Now,I am not sure on how to post the image here.So i'll leave that for some other time.
As far as the 10 truths go, I am planning to put another post about it.So watch this space
And here goes my meaningful quotation.This quotation by Mahatma Gandhi finds a place on my desktop and constantly reminds me of the need to stay grounded in life.So here goes...

"It is unwise to be too sure of one's wisdom.It is helathy to be reminded that the strongest may weaken and the wisest may err."

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Quotes have a strange way of galvanizing people short on motivation.So,it should come as no surprise that I too have a few quotes on my desktop.These inspire me when I am in the dumps and offer me fresh perspectives when I am confused about the ways of life.
So without much ado I present to you my current favourites.

"To be a winner,think like a winner.Be positive and never stop."
-Donald Trump

"I do not want my house to be walled in on sids and my windows to be stuffed.I want the cultures of all lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible.But I refuse to be blown off my feet by any."

Monday, September 10, 2007

Headed for a CATastrophe....

November 18,2007-the day of the Common Admission Test(CAT)- is a disaster waiting to happen for me.Don't believe me? A look at my performances in the past few mock-CATS should put to rest all your doubts.And no,I am not being my usual despondent self as some of you would like to believe.I am being plain honest.The way I am going, getting into even a decent B-School will be quite a task.
Matters weren't always this bleak though.Till a month or so back,my CAT preparation was right on track.I was getting decent scores, was clearing most cut-offs and was in a position where I could claim with reasonable confidence that I had no real weaknesses or strengths when it came to sections in the CAT.
But,that was then and this is now.Over the past month or so,my preparations have well and truly derailed.And for me,this isn't similar to the frequent ups and downs every serious CAT-taker experiences.I have got stuck in a rut, a rut that I am finding difficult to get out of.I have begun to dread Quant,previously a strength,my DI scores are never enough and Verbal as always is on shaky ground.Getting back to the basics,analyzing papers and writing more and more mock cats,hasn't helped matters.
So what's the end result of all this?My confidence has been shaken to the extent that I am beginning to dread those books,those mock CATS and those workshops.Increasingly,I am beginning to sound and feel like a failure.The fact is,I have lost whatever little self-belief I had thus leaving me with little doubt that if things stay the way they are,I will get sucked into the vortex of failure that can ground my career and ambitions for good....:(

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Poll predictions....

Opinion Polls are the order of the day.And why not? With the comrades barking all the time over the nuclear deal, the press,which is bereft of ideas and issues,has been going on and on talking about the impending instability. So what's the next obvious question? Which way the country votes.Hence,the barrage of opinion polls.
I must admit though that they make for good viewing.In countries having a homogeneous electorate,psephology is an exact science.Not in India.Here,the rules of the game are different.People vote on the basis of caste and religion.And considering the millions of such groupings within the country,it becomes more than obvious as to why psephology is risky business.
Still,I wanna stick my neck out and make predictions on the composition of the Lok Sabha in the event of a mid term poll.
Why so? Am I crazy? Or do I have loads of free time? Well,neither actually.It is just that I love politics.Plus the temptation to indulge in harmless speculation is too great to resist.And even if i go wrong,who cares? At best,I expect a few friends to read this blog.And what can they do if I go wrong? Nothing at all.
So here I go.Yet,it is important that I warn you in advance.This is no scientific survey(obviously).There are no samples and respondents out here.Whatever gets written here is just based on pure gut feeling.So read on with a truckload of salt.

In my opinion,the composition of the Lok Sabha will be as follows.
UPA- 215-225
Left- 45-50
BSP- 40-45
UNPA- 55-60

Here's why.
Firstly,I do believe that the UPA will take a hit in Bihar,Andhra Tamil Nadu and Haryana.
But it will more than make up for it by gains in MP,Rajasthan,Chattisgarh,Karnataka, Orissa(to an extent) and even in Maharashtra considering the squabblings going on between the saffron siblings here.Although,it is worth mentioning that it is the allies who will let the UPA down while the Congress goes about bettering its tally.
Secondly,The Left will lose out on quite a few seats in Kerela and Bengal thanks to the turbulence they are experiencing there due to infighting and issues such as Nandigram and Singur.
As for the NDA, it will lose out where the UPA gains and vice-versa.Though, I expect it to hold on to its tally in Gujarat and a few smaller states.
However,as the above figures clearly show,the major beneficiaries of a mid term poll will be the BSP and the UNPA.The BSP will ride on its recent success in the UP polls while the TDP,the AGP and the AIADMK will gain from some level of anti-incumbency in their respective states.

And that's precisely where the problem lies.A government dependent on support from the likes of the Behenjis and Ammas of the world CAN NEVER BE STABLE.Also,forget economic growth and development with them at the helm.They would be more interested in filling their coffers than bothering about the issues afflicting our nation.
Hence,even though i know that my prayers will fall on deaf ears,I appeal to Karat and Co to be more pragmatic.The present numbers suit you the best.You have all the powers without even an ounce of responsibility.Therefore,Is your anti-Americanism worth sacrificing the veto power that you have on this government?I guess not.
Plus,it is highly unlikely that you return with such numbers.And considering that very few people understand the issue over which you could withdraw support,I wouldn't be surprised if you face the wrath of the people and return with even fewer seats than I expect you to.Therefore,for the sake of this country and more importantly yourself,THINK and save us from an unnecessary mid term poll!!!

I wonder why.....

I really wonder why is it that I take to blogging only during the time of my exams.And that too engineering exams.Don't I have anything better to do at such times? Or is it that I just don't care.
Some introspection reveals that the answer is far more simpler than that.
You see,engineering can be a tough nut to crack.Especially so if you don't give a dime to it and are wanting to take your career on a completely different track.Add to that,I am expected to go through books loaded with techno junk.Obviously, that takes a heavy toll.
As for me, Computer Engineering is an exercise in futility.I honestly don't understand the need to learn how my OS functions or how the processor does its umpteen calculations.So long as I can access my Orkut account and check random mails,I am happy.
Hence,to get away from all this, my brain keeps searching for excuses.And blogging is a guilt free pass. It gives me some kinda weird satisfaction that I am up to something constructive.Even though,my blog is zillions of miles away from being 'constructive'.It is filled with crap coming out of a bored mind.
Anyway,here I go again.Reviving my blog in the middle of my mid terms whilst escaping from the clutches of NAZIesque books..Happy Reading!!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Elections in UP

My love with politics and elections started early,way back in 1996 when I was a fourth grader.The Grand Old Party of India, The Congress had just been unseated from power and a new era of coalition politics had just begun.Since then,the spectacle of Indian Elections has never ceased to amaze me.In terms of sheer scale and activity, an Indian Election,or so I would like to believe, is unlike any other in the world.The frenzied political campaigning, the various caste and religious permutations and combinations and the myriad variety of political personalities make it a colourful spectacle, a true celebration of the Great Indian Democracy.Politics in India has gone through a lot of changes in the past decade. And the more I get to see of it, it just leaves me hungrier for more.
And when it comes to elections for state assemblies, nothing comes close to elections in Uttar Pradesh,India's most populous state.Having elected most of India's prime ministers,it is often said that the road to Delhi passes through UP.This election in UP,it is believed, can very well change the dynamics of the central government, and in the near future almost certainly affect the presidential elections.
That is why,these elections assume a great deal of significance and hence, provide me, a budding political analyst, with a suitable topic to kick off my first blog on one of the fields closest to my heart,politics.In this blog, I hope to analyse the prospects of the Congress and present to you my view of the future in UP.Everything I write in this blog will reflect my understanding of the political situation in UP based on what I have read in newspapers and magazines.And so, the views reflected below are nothing but those of a drawing room political analyst with no ground experience whatsoever.So read on at your own risk.
Politics in UP, as known by everyone,has undergone a sea change since the Mandir movement.Voting patterns have been by and large guided by caste considerations The biggest and in fact the only loser of this has been the Congress,which in a way fell between the caste stools.In its heyday, the Congress was strengthened by a formidable rainbow coalition consisting of the Dalits,the Muslims and the Upper Castes.Since the Mandir and Mandal Movement, it has steadily lost its Muslim base to the SP,the Dalits to the BSP and the Upper Castes to the BJP,making it just a fringe player in the polity of UP.An alliance with the BSP ten years ago and a lack of a strong party structure and a powerful leadership only made matters worse for the party.
Sycophants in the Congress,and there is no dearth of those, would like us to believe that the entry of its prince regent,Rahul Gandhi, should bring about a reversal in its fortunes in these elections.This,according to me,is just plain wishful thinking.Firstly,he has jumped into the fray a little too late to make a substantial difference.So bad is the party's organisational structure that even in the Congress' pocket-boroughs of Raebareilly and Amethi,its chances look bleak.Secondly, caste loyalties in UP have become fairly crystallised.And if there was a slight hope of a shift in the fickle upper caste vote from the BJP to the Congress earlier, the political escapades of Arjun Singh have ensured that even that is a distant possibility now.
But things are not as bleak as they seem.The Gandhi scion,is surely making the right noises,if you were to excuse his amateurish comment on the Babri issue.By focussing on issues of development and growth, he has managed to offer a refreshing change as opposed to the casteist politics of the SP and the BSP, and the Hindu centric agenda of the BJP.But he needs to put in more effort at the ground level and build a strong grassroots leadership after the elections are over to ensure a difference in the long run.For now,the Congress should be happy with even a few more seats in its kitty,enough for it to be a player in an almost certain hung assembly.
As for the future, I believe that in the time to come, the politics of Bijli,Sadak,Pani will take centrestage in UP,like it has done in neighbouring Bihar of late.This should herald good news for the two national parties,provided both,particularly the BJP, get over their penchant for petty divisive politics.This should also possibly bring about the downfall of the SP and the BSP, as it seems unlikely that they can shed their casteist stripes soon given the nature of their leadership.Whichever way things go,I just hope that Uttar Pradesh votes for issues rather than breeding a sinister variety of casteist poilitics which is only subject to the law of diminishing returns .Because only that will ensure that a sixth of India's population gets its fair share in the India growth story.

Saturday, April 7, 2007


This has been the fate of the many plans that I had after my mid semesters got over.I spent hours before my mid sems pondering over which way my life should go.This year promised to be pretty hectic and unless I learnt how to manage my time effectively,it was highly unlikely that I could do justice to the many tasks that I had taken up. I had to be disciplined, a much needed but fairly absent quality in my life.And I had plans too.Plans,that would put a much decorated general to shame.Getting up early and going to the gym,maintaining a rigorous diet plan,studying for a couple of hours in the evening which included preparing for CAT,reading more books,writing more blogs and getting a good eight hours of sleep in the night.All these were a part of Mission Transformation.
But,like most of my plans,even this one has come a cropper.I am too lazy to get up early morning,cannot pick myself up to study because I get tired at the end of a hectic day in college,and finally, am too bored to read or write.The only silver lining-I have been able to stick to the diet management component fairly well.Altough there have been a couple of slips on that front too.
Anyways,the path to success is not a bed of roses.And getting order into a life that has been lead in a way similar to the way Indian Cricket is managed cannot be easy.If all this talk of 'missions' and 'plans' may make me sound more like a politician on a tour of his constituency,then I don't blame you.That's the way,I am.Constantly trying to change,and improving for the most part, by latching onto some idea.This idea hasn't fructified the way it should have.But I haven't lost hope. My struggle will continue.And this blog is the first step in the second attempt at transformation.